Mole removal with herbs

February 2007

I've never been one for going to the doctors (being The Doxtor and all that) so when the mole on my back got too much for me, I decided to look for a natural solution. I found some paste on Dr Internet, called Bio-T. It claims to remove moles, warts, skin tags and skin cancers. I had a skin tag on my ear. I started growing it a few years ago, which is common for women in their 30s. I asked Joe what I should do with it and he suggested I pierce it and make a feature of it! I decided against that and figured I could use the Bio-T for the skin tag, too.

It took a couple of weeks for the paste to arrive, but when it did, it was a little dry and crumbly. I thought it should be like that but over time it dried out more. After adding a tiny amount of water when doing my third treatment, it worked much quicker, so take note.

Bio-T doesn't burn you or the mole. It doesn't adversely affect healthy tissue. It prompts the immune system to reject the mole. Its main ingredient is black walnut hull, and it's 100% plant-based.

If you are familiar with the work of Dr Hulda Clark (Revel In Paradise) you will know all about the properties of black walnut hull.

The whole procedure was really easy, fast and accurate. It does what it says on the tin.

I first removed my skin tag, and then attempted the big mole on my back...

Skin tag removal with herbsThis is the skin tag on my ear. It started off being a normal flesh colour, then a few days in it got scabby. Then one day it turned black and was really hard. It was dead but still attached. Each day it got more and more wobbly, like a child's tooth! Then it just fell off. Well, David Wolfe dropped some Ormus on it the day before. Now, you'd never know that it existed. I put it in my purse for safe-keeping but lost it.

When I tried to remove the mole, it went a bit odd. The mole didn't seem to be affected at all. However, about five days into the treatment, a black lump appeared at the side of the mole from under the (healthy) skin. This lump behaved as the mole should have, it scabbed over, fell out and left a crater, but the mole was still there. As this product only affects healthy tissue, I can only conclude that there was something very dodgy going on around that mole and my body wanted to push it out. It's amazing how it created a hole and forced such a big black object out. You can see from the pictures below how big the black thing was compared to my mole -- and I thought my mole was big. I reckon this thing was about 8mm x 10mm at least.

Black object being forced out from skinAgain, I put it in my purse for safe keeping, but lost it. I decided to wait for the crater to fill in and for it to calm down and then I'd revisit the mole.

That all happened in October 2006. In January 2007, the hole was gone, and my skin was back to normal. This time, my friend Jatinder put the paste on (it's hard to do it on your back). Like I said, we added a small amount of water and that made the process much quicker. Here's what happened.

The first picture (below) is on day two. The penultimate picture is on day 6, the day after it fell out.

The night it fell out, two interesting things happend. I had a really full on Reiki treatment from my friend Rochelle for two hours. I fell asleep during the treatment but woke up when my whole stomach was spasming. Rochelle said her arms nearly fell off and she'd never experienced anything like it before. She also felt a lot of energy around the mole area.

Remove a mole with herbs

That night, I slept in my friend's lodgers bed and thought "My mole feels odd" as I went to sleep. I woke up the next day and went straight for a wee. Then I went to touch my mole, but it wasn't there! It had fallen out in my sleep -- in someone else's bed! I searched high and low for hours and couldn't find it! Why do these things happen to me? I'm hoping it was stuck to my back when I went to the loo, then fell of and got flushed away, but it's the third time I've removed something from my body with Bio-T and the third time I've ended up without the object.

None of the removals were painful. Yes, you can feel it, and the ear one was the most sensitive, but there was no pain at all. The mole hole on my back has fully healed but there is some scarring. However, I'd rather have a scar than a huge mole like that. It itched as it healed, which is normal. I did put MSM lotion on it most days to reduce the scarring but I got a bit slack after a while.

Isn't it interesting how you can't see the scar from the black thing that came out on these mole pictures? Thinking about all those abnormal cells that came out before the mole was removed makes me really ecstatic!

And as a side note, this stuff's really cheap, about £20 in our money. I've got enough for about 10 more treatments, so I'll get all the big moles off with just that one little pot. I love this stuff, and I'd love to sell it in the UK, but Trading Standards would close me down!

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