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Raw Britannia: Make raw food mainstream

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Raw Britannia is the world's most loved FREE raw food ebook that you can download right now.

What to do with Raw Britannia

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  • Get started right a way with raw foods, because all the ingredients in this free raw food ebook are easy to find. You probably have lots of them in your kitchen already.
  • Add these recipes to your already vast collection of raw food recipes, because you can never have too many raw food recipes, can you?
  • Print it out and hand it to your favourite restaurant for them to copy the raw food recipes as they are, vary them or invent their own.
  • Print it out and secretly leave it in the house or bag of your loved one, because it's OK to spread the word about raw food and blame me.

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What you say

"I am SO excited about the potential that Raw Britannia represents, to MASSIVELY impact the food scene in the UK and beyond. This ebook is such a generous offering to the world, packed with simple, accessible, delicious raw recipes. I sense this ebook is going to help countless people get turned on to a more vibrant life. Raw Britannia is gorgeously presented and has Ms. ShazzleyDazzley's love clearly stamped all over it. I strongly encourage printing it out NOW and sharing it with all your local restaurants. Together, we can take the rawvolution nationwide, one cafe at a time ;) Raw Britannia rules :)"

-- Angela Stokes, Speaker and Author of Raw Reform and other life-changing books

* * *

"Raw visionary Shazzie brings yet another fantastic offering with her new book Raw Britannia: Make raw food mainstream. Not content to preach to the converted, Shazzie is on a mission to spread the raw health message far and wide. Gorgeously illustrated throughout, this is a recipe book any raw food fan will enjoy owning, but don’t keep the recipes to yourself – spread them to friends and family and most importantly to places where you love to eat out. With simple language and simple recipes, this guide will surely be instrumental in putting raw food on menus across the nation. As Shazzie points out in the book, several decades ago it was hard to get a vegetarian meal in a restaurant, but for a long time vegetarian food has been widely available. It is the turn of raw food now, but that will only happen if enough of us clearly request it. In doing so, we will be not only be helping ourselves; we’ll be making it easier for everyone to enjoy the amazing benefits of eating life force filled, nutrient rich food. So download the book now and start doing your bit to make raw food mainstream!"
Sarah Best, editor of Get Fresh! magazine  

* * *

"Raw Britannia bridges the gap between the consumer and restaurant with fun and exciting recipes, creating a space for raw foodists in social settings, but more importantly bringing awareness of our lifestyle mainstream.  Shazzie is a pioneer, and I thank her for this much needed tool."

-- Philip McCluskey, speaker and raw inspiration

* * *

"Shazzie is indeed a visionary, and her tireless work to switch the public onto better food choices always got my applause. Then, I learned of her 'make raw food mainstream' campaign, and became an instant supporter! It is an unquestionable truth that there is a higher demand than ever for healthy vibrant food from the public, as they become increasingly wise to its benefits. However, in many circumstances, the catering and hospitality profession hasn't quite been able to deliver this fully. Vegetarians get the odd choice here and there, and vegans are often limited to one or two restaurants scattered around. Shazzie has an ability to create not only mouth watering and visually stunning food, but to communicate its ease of preparation, and drastically lower cost - both to health and wallet! I am brimming with excitement to see raw food on the menu's of my favourite restaurants in the months and years to come"

-- Dale Pinnock, nutritionist, herbalist, health writer, and broadcaster

Help spread the raw food word!

Raw Britannia: Make raw food mainstream

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Why we want this FREE raw food ebook to get into restaurants

  • Raw food is happy food, which creates happy customers.
  • This menu offers something fresh and different, just what restaurants need to stay ahead of the game.
  • Everyone's talking about raw food!
  • Raw food is full of enzymes and life-force which helps the digestion of all other foods, and much more.
  • This menu is gluten free, cholesterol free, vegan, and relatively low-calorie.
  • Just one of these recipes easily and quickly suits the requirements of so many special diets.

Please help me get raw food into restaurants and into everyone's consciousness now by downloading and spreading this free raw food ebook as far and as wide as you can.

-->Click here to download this free raw food ebook, now!<--

Bliss U


-->Click here to download this free raw food ebook, now!<--

Raw Britannia: Make raw food mainstream

Book: Raw Britannia
Author: Shazzie
Type: Ebook, 25 pp (A4/letter, large)
Price: FREE
Publisher: Shazzie

How can you eat as much food as you want without ever getting fat or old?

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